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Scammers don’t care about your eyes

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Crooks and unscrupulous businesses will latch onto any event to make a quick buck. In the case of the upcoming solar eclipse they’re selling faulty eyewear to unsuspecting consumers, who might suffer permanent eye damage as a result.The danger is so great that NASA is publicizing the need for people to have the right glasses to view the eclipse. The space agency says consumers should look for glasses with the “


” icon, along with the accompanying code 12312-2, manufactured by these companies: American Paper Optics, Baader Planetarium (AstroSolar Silver/Gold film only), Rainbow Symphony, Thousand Oaks Optical, and TSE 17.NASA also warns against using glasses that are over 3 years old, or glasses with lenses that have scratches or wrinkles. Safe, ISO-compliant eclipse eyewear is already on sale in retail stores and online. Many libraries are hosting eclipse-watching events, and some are also distributing free glasses.Because of the eclipse’s path on August 21st, North Carolinians will have the opportunity to view the amazing sight of part (or all) of the sun disappearing from view. For many it will be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Why gamble with the eyes that you’ll need for the rest of that life? Don’t risk being blinded by the light. If you’re going to look into the sights of the sun, skip the cheap sunglasses.Attorney General Josh Stein and his staff are dedicated to protecting consumers from fraudsters. If you’ve been scammed, file a complaint or contact the Consumer protection Division at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.

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