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My First 100 Days

Release date:

Yesterday marked my 100th day as the Attorney General of North Carolina. I am profoundly grateful to the people of North Carolina for the trust they have placed in me. Here is an update on my office’s work since I was sworn in on January 1st.


  • Tackling the opioid crisis: A bipartisan group of legislators and I are working to enact comprehensive legislation to combat the opioid epidemic.
    The STOP Act and the Synthetic Opioid Control Act will reduce the number of people addicted through smarter prescribing practices, provide funding for treatment, and give law enforcement the tools they need to go after traffickers. Both of these bills are making good progress as they move through the North Carolina Legislature. In fact, the STOP Act passed the House by unanimous vote yesterday, on my 100th day in office.
  • Protecting kids online: Before the United States Supreme Court, my office defended a North Carolina law that protects kids online from registered sex offenders.
  • Coordinating with law enforcement: I have met with the Sheriffs’ Association, Conference of District Attorneys, Association of Chiefs of Police, Department of Public Safety, and State Bureau of Investigation to discuss how we can better work together to protect you.


  • Holding Moody’s accountable: Leading up to the financial crisis, Moody’s put earning higher fees from investment bank clients over providing fact-based, objective analysis. These practices helped cause the financial meltdown that wreaked havoc on our economy and people’s lives. As part of a settlement over this conduct, Moody’s will change its practices and pay North Carolina $16 million – one of the largest settlements in state history.
  • Shutting down the Student Loan Group: The Student Loan Group claimed it could reduce a student’s loan debt but instead illegally charged large upfront fees and failed to perform expert services. The Student Loan Group is required to refund more than $375,000 to 377 borrowers.
  • Going after medical providers for fraud: Our Medicaid Investigations Division has recovered hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars from a number of medical providers engaged in unlawful Medicaid billing practices.


  • Combatting climate change: Secretary Michael Regan of the Department of Environmental Quality and I agreed to withdraw North Carolina’s participation in the lawsuit to block the Clean Power Plan. Investing in clean energy creates jobs, enhances our energy independence, and combats climate change.
  • Preserving clean water: My office is currently reviewing proposals for the Environmental Enhancement Grant Program that is part of the Smithfield Agreement. This program offers grants for the restoration and protection of impaired, degraded, or endangered surface waters, as well as conservation and protection of targeted natural areas.


This has been a busy and rewarding 100 days.

As we move forward, I want to continue to hear from you. If you have ideas for the NC Department of Justice or want to learn more about what we are doing to protect the people of North Carolina, please follow us on Twitter @NCAGO and, email us at, or visit our website at

Thank you for giving me the privilege to serve as your Attorney General.

Josh Stein

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